Exhibition - Pasqual Calbó i Caldés - Menorca

27 Jul Exhibition: Pasqual Calbó y Caldés @ Menorca Museum – Maó

Pasqual Calbó y Caldés (1752-1817) The Government of the Balearic Islands and the Consell Insular of Menorca have declared in 2017 "Year Pasqual Calbó" to commemorate the bicentennial of his death The Menorca Museum adheres to this celebration and presents the exhibition Pasqual Calbó and Caldés (1752-1817),...

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14 Jul 112 (General Emergency Phone number)

The 112 comes to be the most immediate possible assistance to the demands of citizens across the country who are in a situation of personal and collective risk. The Telephone number 112 is a free single number access to emergency care services throughout the country. Citizens can...

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12 Feb Favàritx Lighthouse

Favàritx was the first lighthouse to have a concrete tower in the Balearic Islands. If you want to visit the exhibition of Maritime Signals, inside the lighthouse, please call to the Port of Maó 971 363066. Visits only for groups....

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