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28 Jun Punta de ses Puntes Beach

The continuation of Cala Blava and very similar to it. It's a rocky cove we're you'll have to look for a comfortable spot. It's usually visited by the people staying in the area, so it's a calm place to take a swim....

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24 Jun Caló Fort Beach

The beach that families usually love. It's very small and it has beautiful calm waters where you will always find children playing. It's necessary to go down numerous steps to get here, but there's no doubt you'll like this place. Try not to visit it in...

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24 Jun Cala Blava Beach

If you are around Palma in a hot summer day come to Cala Blava! It's only 20 minutes from the city center and you will enjoy a fresh swim surrounded by marvelous cliffs. The area is urbanised and many people visit it, but there's plenty of...

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