18-04-08 Triathlon Internacional PortoColom - Mallorca

16 Jul TriKids Portocolom 2018

Trikids Portocolom 2018. CATEGORIES AND DISTANCES The age at 31 December 2017 is taken into account. INITIATION: from 5 to 6 years. Distances 125m / 500m / 125m PRE-BENJAMIN: 7 to 8 years. 250 mts / 1000mts / 125...

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18-04-08 Triathlon Internacional PortoColom - Mallorca

15 Jul 2018 Portocolom International Triathlon

Portocolom´s International Triathlon Location: Portocolom Time: 08:30h Distances: 55.5: 500m Swimming, 50 Cycling, 5km Running 111: 1000m Swimming, 100km Cycling, 10km Running There is also a Trikids VII Duatló Portocolom 2018 on April 7th. More info @

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27 Sep Portocolom Lighthouse

This lighthouse is one of the most Popular spots in Portocolom. It was first lighted in 1863 and, due to the beauty of the cliffs where it is located, it's one of the most characteristic lighthouses in the island....

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07 Sep Closos de Can Gaià (Prehistoric Village)

Closos de Can Gaià is an archaeological site of Navetas (megalithic chamber tombs) of Bronze Age. Its chronology corresponds around the years 1700-850 bC. So far, there have been found a total of nine structures located all around the terrain. There are probably more constructions, as it can be...

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22 Jun S’arenal Beach (Felanitx)

S'Arenal is divided into "s'Arenal Petit" and "s'Arenal Gran", meaning small and large respectively. They're both 15 km from Felanitx and are right in front Portocolom port. The large beach, is surrounded by tamarinds and is the meeting point of Feltanitx's people. Its underwater conditions are excellent for anchoring boats. S'Arenal Petit, is camouflaged under...

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22 Jun S’Algar Beach

A paradise in Portocolom area, a completely unspoiled rocky beach with a familiar ambience. We locals love this place, there's plenty of space in the rocks, you'll only have to look for your own special spot. There's also a small cavern in the back, where getting sheltered...

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21 Jun Cala Marçal Beach

Cala Marçal is a narrow sandy beach that gets wider as you enter the sea. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, but a lot of buildings have been constructed here, making it the most urbanised beach of the area. There are some tall pine trees...

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21 Jun Cala Brafi Beach

A little gem in Portocolom area: small, calm, natural and very beautiful, this is the place to be if you want to enjoy a relaxing day sleeping on the beach and swimming without your swimsuit, as it's a nudist cove. The access is very easy, you'll...

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