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24 Aug Sa Canova Talaiot

The archeological site of Sa Canova is known for the monumentalism of its main talaiot, popularly known as sa Clova des Xot. A circular structure of 5,5 metres high, one of the most impressive in the island. The function of these constructions is varied and depends on each...

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10 Jun Colònia Sant Pere Beach

A small artificial sandy shoreline right in front of Colònia Sant Pere town, also simply called "sa Platja" (the beach). This is the most visited beach of the area during summer as it's easy to access.  The proximity to the town's center and to several restaurants make it an ideal place for...

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10 Jun Sa Canova Beach

Sa Canova is a long, unspoiled beach 150 meters long and of beautiful fine sand. It has impressive dunes which, together with the torrent of Na Borges and the abundant archaeological remains of the area, were declared Natural Area of Special Interest  in 1991....

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