Sluiz is standing for beautiful and exciting products to make your lifestyle more colourful, it’s a magic place, an adventure, an experience and an inspiration.

A crazy Dutch couple decided in 2006 to start a tiny intimate shop at the road to San Josep. The first reactions from others were not very motivating. The idea was to sell only products what they liked from condoms, shoes, chairs, knifes till bicycles and to be surrounded by nice people. It became one of the biggest, inspiring and beloved concept store of Europe. Due to the success of the first store, a second store opened in Santa Gertrudis.

You can find a shopping heaven from 6000 square meters dedicated to your adventurous shopping experience in Santa Gertrudis. You can sit down, relax and enjoy our ‘fusion’ based menu in the bar/restaurant. From our beautiful build up tower high hamburger to our breath-taking pies. Sluiz participate in events for example; Wine festivals, The Food Factory, Vinyl record Fair, courses like photographing and during winter live music and cinema.