Privilege Ibiza

A true sanctuary of electronic music, Privilege´s history is closely linked to the development of nightlife in Ibiza and the culture of the DJ sound. A community swimming pool which years later became the biggest club in the world. The club´s history begins in 1978 under the name Club San Rafael, that later became KU, Europe´s most famous and hedonistic club in the 80s, a true and authentic “Mirror of Ibiza” at that time whose historical fingerprints are everywhere in Privilege to this very day.

It´s been twenty two years since the mythical club changed its name to Privilege, labeled as the biggest club in the world by the Guinness World Records. It´s difficult to grasp the scale of things in Privilege Ibiza if you´ve never seen it with your own eyes: a Main Room the size of an aircraft hangar 25m high which harbors a huge swimming pool, complimented by the newly refurbished Vista Club and Vista Blue which offer some of the most spectacular views of the White Island, and the legendary dome which is an integral part of the club´s identity.

Continuous improvements and the constant dedication over these 22 years have made Privilege Ibiza one of the most popular clubs on the planet. The enthusiasm and passion invested in this project year after year as well as the love and support of an extraordinary public gives the club the necessary push to exceed itself with the arrival of each new season.