Las Dalias

Born as a road-bar in 1954, started with their markets 30 years ago. Known all over the world,  food, drinks, coffees, world , musicians, people, colours and of course…hippies is what you will find here.
Let´s call it “democracy”, you´ll find people from all over, no matter how they´re dressed, the car or moped they´re driving, what´s their confession…it´s not difficult to find somebody from TV or a football player. Let them be, this is Las Dalias, all is peace and harmony, good atmosphere. It´s difficult to explain with words, it´s just a place you´ve got to visit wether you´re visiting Ibiza in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Shoes, clothes, jewelry, handcrafts, pottery, books, people, sunglasses, more people, art, spirits, coffee, lots of good histories and conversations, hundreds of interesting people, over 200 exhibitors. As a small resume of the universe you will find at Las Dalias.

Markets – every saturday from 10:00h – 20:00h.

Night Market – Monday + Tuesday from 19:00h ( June – September)
In august Night Markets on sunday as well, from 19:00h.