La Savina Harbour

The engine that really runs the economy of Formentera. Most of us will get to Formentera via this place.
Rent a car and motorbikes companies, hotels, bars, nice restaurants, diving centers, yachting centers, charters, hardware shops. Whatever you can imagine you can need once you´re close to go to the water, you will find it at La Savina.
Fishermen, sailors, waiters, many people from Formentera that need to go to Ibiza, tourists, visitors, everybody´s mixed in here. The place that connects them with Ibiza and the rest of the world. If you speak a little spanish and it seems a quiet day ask to a local what do they do in winter when tempests come to visit us, and if they remember a very bad trip to Ibiza.

It is said between the people of Formentera : ” if the Captain says to leave La Savina or Ibiza Harbour, we leave with him”. No matter how the sea or weather looks like.

A place where the boats are still recognized by their names and their shipowner.