Demiedo Bar

Demiedo Rock Bar is located in Ibiza harbour, in one of the cul-de-sac alleys in the Calle Barcelona. One of the busiest pedestrian streets in summer due to terraces and disco-clubs parades, a real spectacle. Opened from 2200h to 0330h.
A shelter for all those who love rock music, open all year round, Demiedo Bar is a must in our ibithencan night live.
A meeting point for all those feel not like disco music, and a place where ibithencan workers meet daily ( it gets more busy on weekend).
With 20 years of history in their rucksack, Pepe and Henry will make you feel just like at home.
The Strokes, Los Beatles, Ramones, The White Stripes, The Who, Iggy Pop, New Order, The Kinks, David Bowie, Happy Mondays, Blur, Beck, Joy Division, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Black Keys, Two Doors Cinema Club, The Smiths, Stone Roses, The Clash, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Velvet Underground, Queen, Pixies, The Cure, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed,Metallica….this is a quite good sample of what you´ll hear here apart from some events with live local musicians.