Consell d’ Eivissa – Ibiza town (beside the Consell d´Eivissa)

Charging point by https://recarga.fenieenergí
Available 24/7
For any question or incidence on this point contact by mail or telephone.

Check that the LED of the gate (A or B) to be used, located on the upper side, is illuminated in GREEN (or BLUE if it has been previously reserved by you). Have the corresponding end of the charging cable connected to the vehicle. To start the session, click on the “Upload” button in the APP or bring your RFID card closer to the card reader point located below the screen.
The message “Connect the socket” will appear on the screen: Lift the flap and connect the cable to the desired connector Verify that, when charging starts, the LED changes to BLUE.
To end the session, press the “Finish Reload” button in the APP or bring your RFID card closer to the point card reader. The message “Disconnect tap” will be displayed on the screen and the LED will change to GREEN. To disconnect the cable, lift the flap, push the connector inwards and then pull it out. Once the end of the cable has been disconnected from the point, disconnect the end of your vehicle.