Capdepera Castle

Capdepera Castle was built in 1300 by King Jaime II, on the remains of a Muslim villa. It is said that, before the castle’s construction, king Jaime I made a trickery in order to accelerate the surrender of Muslims that still had Menorca’s territories. The king ordered to light numerous bonfires in the place now occupied by the castle, an area that is clearly visible from Menorca, in order to make muslims think a huge army was getting closer to Menorca.

In the highest part of the whole architectural complex there’s a temple dedicated to Sant Joan and, from there, astonishing views of the sea channel separating Mallorca and Menorca. Close to it, stands Miquel d’Nunis Tower, based on an Islamic period house and with a windmill called Molí d’en Cofeta.

The third sunday of May it’s organised a Medieval Market, one of the nicest events within the castle.