Can Jordi

The rock´n´roll & blues bar per excellence in Ibiza.
A road-shop, the kind of shop our grandparents used to visit to buy their provisions and sometimes, to sell their stock.
A place by the road between Sant Josep and Ibiza Town where at daytime they serve bocadillos, coffees, beers, where you can buy yoghourts, traditional baskets or hats or even a hoe. There’s live music at the weekends in winter and in summer almost every day….Sometimes, suddenly, somebody sits down and grabs a guitar, et voilà… there´s a jam session going on.
One of those real and authentic places that shows what Ibiza was made of, those kind of places we all love to find when we´re on holiday.

Concerts every weekend on fridays or saturdays or sundays, or not… 😉
Love for music, love for rock´n´roll, love for Can Jordi. A must!