Benirràs Beach

The beach with the Sitting Woman Rock, the Hippie Beach.

Well known around the world because of its “Fiesta de los Tambores” ( drum party), this started as a salute to the sun made by a couple of friends, that used to catch up every sunday evening to see the sunset ( which is as beautiful as the one in San Antonio) and play their drums.

With the time more people joined them, people playing with fire, jugglers, dancers…and suddenly it became world known. It happens with the fool moon as well.

It is very crowded in high season, from monday to sunday. If you want to park close to the beach you should be there not very late before lunch time. Sundays afternoon if you´re not there you´ll have to walk to get to the beach.

Forget to sleep siesta on these days, it is time to have fun.

Apart from this, it is a really nice place beach. Very popular, very international, with that kind of mixture between people and cultures we love in k-lenda, Benirras has a big part of the Ibizan Spirit.
It´s about 130 meters long, and 60 wide. Two restaurants to your right and one in the center. You´ll have excelent food in any of them.