Ajuntament d´Eivissa – Building

The Ibiza Town Hall is housed in the building of the former Convent of Dalt Vila.
Between the old inhabitants of
Ibiza it´s still called “the Convent” . Between the XVII century to the XIX century was occupied by the Dominican Order. That´s why the church besides the building is wrongly called and known in Ibiza for the name of “Santo Domingo” when its real name it is “San Pedro Apóstol”.

One of the histories of our grand-grand parents talks about the year of the thunder (“s´any des tró”), when a lightning struck the powder keg of Sant Llúcia and caused big damages in the structure of the church and the convent, despite the whole neighbourhood. That was in 1730.

It became a multipurpose building in 1835, hosting services for the inhabitants of the city such as a hospital, prison and school
It currently houses the City Hall. The former refectory of the monks is the Plenary Hall, where at the roof of it you can see remainings of the old paintings that decorated this refectory.