Ajuntament de Palma

The building of Palma´s City Hall is located in Plaza de Cort, one of the main squares in the city centre. The  façade is of Baroque style and it has Mannerist elements. It was built between 1649 and 1680 by the architects Pere Bauçà, Miquel Oliver and Bartomeu Calafat. The most interesting elements of the facade are the balcony, with  seven windows, and the Rellotge d’en Figuera (clock of Figuera). An interesting component is the “Banc del si no fos” (bench of “if it wasn’t”), right on the building’s façade, named after the unemployed people who, in the past, used to spend their hours sitting on it. When they were asked why they didn’t have a job their response was always an excuse starting the sentence with “if it wasn’t for…”.

The Ajuntament can be visited inside every Sunday upon request.