Theater: “Milagro en el convento de Santa María-Juana”

Theater: “Milagro en el convento de Santa María-Juana”
Written by Jean-Pierre Martínez
Directed by Guadalupe Cañestro.
Starring : Neus Ortiz, Marilina Marí, Lourdes Tur, Àngels Ferrer, Alfonso Díaz, Vicent Torres, Julioo Arche and Bernardo Garrote.

Friday 1st of march, 2nd and 3rd. At 20.00h.

The famous elixir of Santa María-Juana has lost all the splendor it had long ago, to the point of putting the economy of this peculiar community at risk. Fortunately or unfortunately, Sor Ana, who is in charge of the distillery of the convent, passes away, which will mean the arrival of Sor Inés, a revolutionary novice nun who will replace her in this delicate position. Sor Inés managed to renew the formula of the elixir that gives name to the convent and will decide to add a mysterious herb to the preparation. The spectacular success of the new has become an agent of dubious reputation and even an agent of order. Could this be the last miracle of Santa María-Juana?