Theater :”La Golondrina”

Theater :”La Golondrina” (The swallow)
Written by Guillem Clua.
Directed by Josep María Mestres.
With Carmen Maura and Félix Gómmez.

Friday and saturday at 21.00h.
Theater: “La golondrina”

The play brings together two characters, Amelia and Ramón. The first, a severe Chant Teacher, receives Ramón at her home, who wishes to improve his vocal technique to sing at his recently deceased mother’s memorial.
The song chosen has a special meaning for him and, apparently, also for the woman who, in spite of her initial reluctance, agrees to help the young student. As the class progresses, the two characters are revealing details of their past, deeply marked by a terrorist attack of an Islamist sign that the city suffered last year.