Theater : “La gallina dels ous d´or” la gallina dels ous d´or - ZZ Teatre

Theater – “The goose that lays the golden eggs”

Once upon ago two poor farmers who were in the habit of taking in all the birds that got lost to their farm.
One day a chicken arrived that changed its luck, a chicken with very white feathers that put a golden egg every day. Wealth led to greed and happiness became the misfortune that destroyed the lives of the two farmers.
The chicken of the golden eggs is a show for children over 4 years old in the form of a fable where two farmers will see how the fortune of having discovered the goose that lays the golden eggs becomes their misfortune. A story that talks about poverty, wealth and greed … and tells that money is just “claptrap”.

€ 6 online and € 8 at the box office.
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