The origin of instruments pablo nauhal

“The origin of the instruments” by Pablo Nahual.
Tuesday 5th and wednesday 6th.
Morning sessions for schools, in Can Ventosa.

A participative, fun and pedagogical family concert that combines melodic essences with beautiful Andean folklore songs and ancestral legends. Through archaic musical instruments (wind, string and percussion), brought most of them from ethnic communities and that are already museum pieces, a sound and narrated image is proposed: the birth of artistic expression in the human being and his musical and instrumental development through what was daily in his life (pumpkins or pods) as well as what he found in nature (bones, canes, conches).

The show is a project of encounter and peace, of tolerance to everyone and everything: respect for the rhythms of the elderly and the little ones. Respect for other cultures; respect for what is different, what sounds different and what seems different.