Olimpiada Pagesa in La Mola – Schedule

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10.00h – Orelletes and Bunyols Workshop. ( Casal del poble, La Mola)

10.30h – “Sitja” lit.

11.00h – Home made Compost Workshop.

12.00h – Old photography exhibition, Casal del Poble.

13.00h – 18.00h : VII Fira des Camp illa de Formentera.

17.00h – fishing rod meeting.

1800h – “Trasgos y Virots”, rol play workshop and induction.  Casal del poble.

20.30h – IV Trobada de joves glosadors ( our old-time “rap”)

21.00h – Bagpipes Concert.

21.15h – BBQ

21.30h – “Glosadors” meet up, from the 4 islands.

00.00h – Ball – “Xacota Pagesa”