Las Dalias Hippy Market

The day of San Carlos November 4th,in 1954, the farmer and carpenter,Joan Mari opened a store that would become a legend in Ibiza and that nowadays needs no introducing… to this opening party of his roadhouse he organized a ball in the back room, Then all the farmers in the area came, they raised 6,600 pesetas ( one drink = 1 peseta, label drink = 2 pesetas)… We can imagine, it was a huge event with a great social impact.

Joan Marí could´ve never imagine that this simple roadhouse should become a mythical place on the island. The beginning of the legend.
The market gets 30 in 2015. It began in 1985 with five stalls, and since it gathers craftmen and craftwomen of all over the world, filling the Market with color and fantasy. Currently, it is one of the most famous in Europe with more than 200 stalls fashion, jewelery, art and decoration. A MUST in Ibiza nevermind when you come here to visit us.

From 10:00h until it gets dark.