Ibiza Swing Fun Fest 2019

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Ibiza Swing Fun Fest 2019
Three days of live music with up to 15 Local, National and International Swing bands playing on the streets of Sant Antoni for free and welcoming everyone to join in!
Music lovers, this is also for you and if you can dance, than we will make your day!

MASTERCLASSES – The very first Lindy Hop Battles
This will be the first time you will be able to join in your team and fight against two more on the dance floor.
Teachers and a live band will help you win this first ever Lindy Hop Battle and learn new tricks and tips to better understand Swing music and dance like a pro

ACTIVITIES – Activities and a lot more fun!
A part from enjoiyng three days of live music and dance your days away, we will organize activities to fullfill your days with Swing music.
Activities such the Ibiza Swing Fun Boat and the Ibiza Swing Fun Pool wil be there to give you and extra chance to enjoy our festival.

Visit their web or stay tunned for further infos.