The Great Southern (Pantera Tribute) live! @ Can Rock the great southern

Live Music and lots of Rock´n´Roll @ Can Rock
Tonight with: The Great Southern (Pantera TRibute) live!
The Great Southern is probably the most accurate tribute to Panther of Europe. Made by Jacob Chamber (Vendetta Fucking Metal, Cockoroch), Achokarlos (Robot Porn, Exquisite Pus, Cockoroch) Blai (Konsumo Respect, ex-Ktulu, ex-Def con Dos , A Machete …) Alberto Alba (Room 4 Five, Siberia).
An undoubted trajectory, its brutal staging and the large number of followers are proof of that. A must-see for lovers of Dimebag! And if you do not have a car: WALK !!

Advance tickets: € 7 with 1 drink
Box office: € 10 with 1 drink
Saturday 23rd from 22:00h