Feim barri, feim tradicions – Can Bonet. Neighborhooding

k-lenda.com Feim barri Feim tradicions can bonet 2019

From 11.00 to 17.00:

Craft and cultural exhibition –
Exhibition of country cars –
Exhibition of autochthonous breeds-
Exhibition of Ibizan Herbs
Exhibition of podencos
Beekeeping exhibition

From 11.00 to 16.30:
Handcrafted elaboration of sobrasada and botifarrón.
Preparation of bread.
Tale dance and flute.

12.00 to 12.30:
Talk about musical instruments .

12.00 to 14.00:
Show by the Pageses Emprenyades.

13.00 to 13.30:
Talk abou the traditional jewelry – Elisa Pomar.

13.30 to 14.00:

14.15: Folk dancees by the Colla de Vila.

14.30: “Arrós de matances” in benefit of the spanish Red Cross.

Casa de Can Tomeu – barri de ca´n Escandell